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Bed and Breakfast Leblon™

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.: Excellent location, one block way from the beach
.: Comfort, quality recognized
.: Safe and nurturing environment
.: Fair price
.: Tips and information on all Rio de Janeiro, besides the tourism options

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What is the bed and breakfast Leblon?
It is a private home that offers homestay services in a flat at Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, which includes accommodation and breakfast in a private room inside the apartment of a family.

bed and breakfasts or homestays, what is it?
The name in portuguese is "hospedagem domiciliar", homestay in english, is the name given by the city of Rio de Janeiro to the type of accommodation that is internationally known as "bed and breakfast".

In Rio, this activity there since 2004 and is officially recognized by the city as a means of hosting a "semi-professional activity of tourist interest to the city," practiced by people who offer accommodation and breakfast at his own residence.

how it works?
We have two bedrooms. We can accommodate a maximum of five people at a time, all share a common environment, including the bathroom. We are available to provide information, but the guest has privacy and freedom of transit, subject to the policies of the house, like on any other means of professional hosting. Daily rate begins at 2:00 PM, ends at 12:00 PM and include a fancy breakfast, served from 8am to 10am. If guests have special needs regarding time, services or food, we recommend that a consultation is made to verify the possibility to serve you.

The rooms are private, cleaned daily, have air conditioning, 40'' LED TV with HD cable channels and free movies. Access to wireless internet with 20 mega speed.The cleanliness of the rooms and the bathroom is done daily. Linen and bath are also on our own. Reservations are made in advance by e-mail, confirmed only after payment of the deposit of 100% of the total stay. The full address for reasons of privacy and security is only provided upon confirmation of booking.

Our policies
.: Children are welcome
.: People of all creeds, nationalities and ethnicities are welcome in our house
.: Pets are NOT welcome
.: Smoking inside the apartment or in the building is NOT allowed
.: Visitors, anyone else who is not himself a guest, DO NOT have access to the house, except under express authorization of the hosts
.: No alcohol or drugs may be consumed inside the apartment or in the building.
.: Booking confirmation implies automatic acceptance of all our policies and conditions. Violations are subject to penalties ranging from fines to termination of the reservation.

Cancellation policies
.: Advance payment for booking is not refundable. 
.: With more than 30 days before the reservation date, the value will available as credit for use on future stays at our house or in our partners's place up to 120 days from the date of initially rerved as arrival. 
.: 30 days or less before the reservation date or no show: 100% the amount paid as a guarantee. 
.: Cancellations must be ordered ONLY from the same e-mail used to make the reservation, to address the following address: booking@bedandbreakfastleblon.com.br, otherwise the cancellation will not be entertained. 
.: NOT accept cancellation by telephone.

Our family
An administrator and a technology expert. Both born in Rio in 1976 and 1972, respectively.

Bed and Breakfast Leblon

WARNING: Beware of imitations and false advertising using our brand!
We have no branches. Dubts? Send an e-mail directely to us, the owners: booking@bedandbreakfastleblon.com.br. If there is availability on the requested date or not, all incoming emails are answered within 24 hours.

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